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Re: New to boards no where else to turn

Hi there. I am not a dr. But, first of all, there are many different kinds of anti-deprežsants these days, so if I were you, I'd see a dr, explain your symptoms, tell him what you're afraid of because of your past experiences with anti-depressant, and try a new one. There are so very many options these days and you do sound very overwhelmed. You have a lot of issues to deal with and how can you begin to deal with them if you're so depressed to begin with?? You deserve better. You girls deserve better. And I'm not so sure about your husband (sorry). I do know that anti-depressants have saved my life before. All I can really be sure of is sharing my own experience with you. If your able to join a free class offered at your local community college, there's an option where you'll be learning something new. Making new friends, and getting out of your house. Do keep us posted on here. Even if your not sure you're posting in the right spot, its ok. Post away. Your own safety and mental health is way more important. This is a great place to share and even just read so that when you're feeling alone and/or overwhelmed, you'll notice that there are many others with similar problems, if not worse and more. I appreciated your story. You just helped me to feel not so alone. I do hope I've helped somewhat, and I'm sure you'll get some more positive suggestions and find people that really do care for you, like I have. Mykinzie aka Marla.