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Post flat foot surgery update and new stability

Hi Everyone, I just wanted to write an update on my progress after my Evan's procedure, gastroc release, and acc. navicular removal. I was going to get on here this morning and complain because mentally I am wiped out this morning but as I was cleaning the kitchen this morning I let my crutch drop and I started walking around without them!!!! I'm walking a little like Frankenstein but today is the first morning that I can walk without the crutches. I'm a little psyched and it came on a good day since as I said before I was originally going to get on here and complain and look for a few sympathetic friends on here.

A few days ago I was allowed to wear shoes and forgo the boot. Since then my foot has been in a lot more pain and it is swelling in new spots. Ice hasn't been giving the relief that it used to. I was expecting it and was told it was going to happen but to live it is a whole different thing. After 15 weeks it is hard... I KNOW there are a ton of you who are right there with me or who have been in my shoes. Thank God for you guys. I was mentally getting down on myself when my husband, who has been out of town for 3 days, came back last night and said, "Wow, you are really getting around a lot better since I left!" I was fixated on the greater pains and swelling but he had point.. I was up and moving.

On another note, I have been filled with wondering how people with good feet and alignment must feel (in their feet and legs). My surgery side feels like it is "in the right place." When I stand barefoot with equal weight on both feet I can really feel the difference side to side. I feel like my leg muscles on my surgery side don't have anymore bad stress on them. It feels so good to be standing on solid joints that let my leg function as it was intended. I intellectually know that when standing with my knee straight, it is suppose to be an effortless thing. I have never experienced that and didn't know how it would feel. Now I can feel it a little bit as I am strengthening. The stability and ease in that leg is leaving me overwhelmed with the thoughts of what the future may bring after I get the other foot done and am healed. To stand without any leg muscle stress is something I never fathomed and didn't know it would feel so good.

This post has taken a weird turn but I just had to share. Does it make sense? Is there anyone out there who knows what I am trying to describe?

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