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Re: New to boards no where else to turn

First of all, I'm not going to address his issues. Although I think they are great and many! But I will say that I wouldnt give up on going to school, but I certainly wouldn't do it for him. I think I would do it for you. And maybe a complete education is slightly out of reach at this momen, but there are things that go much quicker that can get you in the door, and in the meantime, you can take a class or two online, and possibly get financial assistance to see you through. For instance, I dont know where you live, but in the state of Michigan, to get your Nursing Assistant License, it's only 3 to 4 week course, depending on where you go, and it costs about 1,000. Phlebotomy, you can find expadited courses and again, in just a few weeks, and $1,000 later, your certified. I would definately go medical because then you can get insurance. With that, you could get an apartment back home, by your family and friends, and maybe rent a small apartment to take care of yourself and your girls. Not only that, but you would get child support from him. Possibly even day care assistance from your loved ones? Sooooooo, it isn't as bleak as it looks. Where there is a will, there is a way, I absolutely believe that. And I think you can do it. You just have to stop looking at how dead end everything seems, and find a way. Maybe it means living on macaroni and cheese for 2 months to save food from the grocery bill. Maybe it means watering down the shampoo so that it goes farther, and shopping second hand for a little while to put the money away, but it is possible. So find your inner strength and go to it! Best of luck to you!