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Re: Toxic Drug Blood Levels

so very sorry for loss as well chap. wow, he certainly was on ALOT of various meds that with some are pretty much doing the very same thing, as with all the benzos? but what i am seriously wondering here is the overall impact of the depakote on his liver, and with also taking how much overall tylenol too? it does not state that? the thing with the depakote, and i only know this as my youngest son was on it for bi polar, is that they HAVE to be constantly monitoring his liver labs(this particular med, if you look it up actually comes with what is called a 'black box warning" which IS the highest warning for some potential for "some' type of adverse events that the FDA will even label any med with),i do believe like at least once a month. they also have to be costantly checking HIS actual valproic acid(generic name for the dep) levels too just to make certain that it IS within that thereputic range too? just some info for you

he just really appeared to be on alot of more like 'duplicating" types of meds, like the tryptilines? all tricyctic forms of anti D meds along with what are also stated as more SSRI/SNRI types of anti Ds as well? and like i mentioned, the benzodiazipines as well? these types of meds along with the others he was on ALLLL can hit the brain pretty hard in various ways. but finding out exactly whrre his overall liver labs were if they could even do those post mortem when they just did the basic tox screen and autopsy sure would be very interesting to find out just where they were, and also his overall valproic acid level as well.

again, i really am so very sorry for your loss. i cannot even imagine what the loss of anyones child could possibly be like. i would just seriously find out whether or not these docs actually even were aware of the others rxing here. it just seriously sounds like an awful lot of very impactful meds for any two 'knowing' docs to actually even Rx. i would think as long as he was getting these all at WGs that at least THEY would have had to be aware here and more than likely would have at least informed doc number one about doc number IIs rxing?

just what were the extent of your sons mental health issues? i am only asking since the types of meds he was on kind of point in that direction? been there done that with my son too. again, so sorry for your loss, marcia
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