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Re: what can I expect when I die of lung cancer

Originally Posted by aawaltrip View Post
my husband is 59, has been coughing up blood, and smokes 2 packs a day, he has had unexplained back pain for about a year, and is naturally thin, but is getting thinner, his pants just hang on him, he cannot go one night without taking a motrion before going to bed because he is in such pain, he drives truck 13 hours a day, now he tells me he stopped coughin gup blood, but the er doctro found a spot on his lung and nodules, doctor told me it was early warning signs of lung cancer, but my husband doesnt know that, I have to get him to a doctor, but he refuses to go, said it will cost to much money, he needs a pet scan and a biopsy, the spot concerns me, please someone write back if they can help, thank you!!
Hi - I hope you will tell your husband that the ER doctor found the spot on his lung - if you haven't already. Money isn't worth one bit as much as health is. I'm guessing he's afraid he'll learn something he doesn't want to know...however, you can tell him that I have a nephew who is 55 who started out with throat and tonsil cancer and is now cancer-free, after having chemo and radiation; also, he recently had to have part of his lung removed but it turned out not to be cancerous - rather a kind of infection.
I just heard from his wife that he is getting better and better each day.
Cancer isn't a death sentence! Letting it go because you are afraid of it is definitely a death sentence in the end. He needs to know the truth and that having the PET scan, etc. could save his life if he doesn't wait! Mabent

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