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Re: Newly diagnosed PTSD

Hi Marina...I'm Jenny and I've battled PTSD for over 40 years.....well before there ever was such a diagnosis. I'm just now starting to post here....had some bad experiences on boards in the past.

PTSD comes in different forms and some are simple such as someone deathly afraid to drive after car accident to military who have been traumatized by war, to abuse victims, be they domestic violence or child abuse. And there's lots in between. There seems to be infinite number of ways to get PTSD...everything from natural disasters to people trying to kill you.

For starters, recent studies have determined that there really is a problem with the brain. Researchers for the VA have found differences in the brain's magnetic readings between people with PTSD and people without it. And trying to fix a brain with therapy is hard but it's all we have right now. You might want to read the answers I gave to Blackdog in another post below yours.

So whether you have CPTSD or just plain old PTSD, it really doesn't matter...the treatment is about the same. Drugs can be helpful if you are so anxious you have trouble functioning or are so depressed that suicide is a possibility. Some try beta blockers to stop the release of adrenaline that accompanies the triggers or flashbacks. Me? I do better without the drugs. When I first got sick I was put through shock treatments and heavy doses of antipsychotics and had all sorts of stuff done to me because the flashbacks were thought to be hallucinations. I was told I was schizophrenic and would never recover.

But I knew better deep inside and once I got away from the docs and hospitals, worked on figuring out what was wrong and how to fix it. I've had about 17 years of therapy and 23 years of learning and fixing myself. I am back in therapy at the present time to finally finish the work.

I have not had EMDR but have heard from those who have tried it that it helps. It is controversial and the experts on PTSD don't really know how it works but it is worth trying. PTSD is one of those disorders where you have to really work at getting it under control It's not just therapy. You have to work at teaching your brain and body to relax as it's always under red flag alert. Yoga can be very helpful and meditation seems to be the #1 thing that people have said helps them.

For those of us with PTSD, something has happened to our brains that won't let us move on and keeps us always distrustful and afraid. We have to train it to understand that we can now trust and are no longer in danger....that is hard. Therapy will explore what made you so afraid to start with and expose you to the feelings and events so as to make them less traumatic. The meditation and yoga and others things you learn to do to control your anxiety are things you have to do and incorporate into your life that re-train that brain and body.

Can you get rid of PTSD? Yes. I'm 58 and I'm fine. I've married(35 years) and had kids and now have a grandchild with another coming soon. I've worked and been involved in my community. I've had a pretty good life. Why did I have PTSD? I was abused to the point of broken bones and near drownings. 15 molesters. 2 premeditated attempts on my life.

If I can recover, anyone can.

So welcome. I hope to become a regular poster here and hope I can reach out and help people understand what this is and how to help yourselves. I'm now making some incredible emotional breakthroughs in finishing up this ordeal and it is actually thrilling to finally understand at very deep levels what this is all about....even though it may hurt like hell. It's like the pain you feel pulling out a deeply imbedded thorn...hurts like mad but feels so good once it comes out.

So welcome and......

gentle hugs..............Jenny

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