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Re: Post flat foot surgery update and new stability

Hi Sarah,

It reminds me of a dental bridge I had "installed" abut 3 years ago. For a long time I couldn't tolerate the strangeness of it. There was no line in the sand when I thought, I'm healed...just one day I noticed it wasn't feeling weird anymore.

That's the same way I gave up my cane. I just drifted away from grabbing it each time I stood up. It hurts, but it's bearable. A few weeks ago, I could not put full weight on my ankle at all. I'm believing that in a year (or two) I'll be able to have all the strength and endurance I've been missing since this physical break down.

Every once in a while now, I forget my bionic foot, and think YIKES, I'm really on the path to normal. However, at 4 months, I still have almost constant, pain, swelling, and soreness. Yet, I know it's improved from last month. It's good-it's bad-it's good-it's bad-it's good-it's bad...and on the cycle goes.

Glad your stability and strengthening are improving. Keep your energy focused on the fine feet you're preparing now, to carry you into the future.

Wishing everyone a not-too-swollen-day,