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Endocrine/Thyroid Question.


This is the first question that I have posted, I wondered if anyone could lead me in the correct direction. I am being checked at the moment by an endocrinologist as I have a previous pituitary macro adenoma, this was diagnosed in 1994, since then had an MRI every 2 to 3 years and my prolactine taken every six months, it was really high when found but has been fine since, got put on bromocriptine back then but i only took it for about 6 weeks as it made me really ill, no other meds and it seemed to resolve itself, as biggest was 12mm, last scan 3 years ago just under 9mm, am due another scan. My problems last few years have been that i get really hot, cant stand being closed in things, (trains etc) as i just get so hot, I can't tolerate heat, blow fans or central heating that makes rooms warm, get really light headed, dizzy, and racing heart. Ask Endo to check for thyroid had 2 different lots of bloods taken 4 weeks apart, and well as 2 x 24 hour urine test, for adrenalin, nor drenalin. Had full blood counts, the 2 issue that have come from the tests are high cholestrol 5.9, and low ferritin of 3, i know that is really bad and wondering if it is that issue that is making me feel so rough.

My Serum Free was 3.9 Range(3.1-6.8) second test 4.7
Serum T4 12.6 Range (12.0-22.0) second test 17.0
Serum TSH 1.7 Range (0.24-4.20) 1.4

9am cortisol 354

IGF 1 17.8 (range 9.0-40.0)

Any advice help would be so appreciated, I have had anxiety before on and off for years, also had really bad headaches since the end of march when i had a migraine with aura and it knocked me off for about 3 weeks, weak, balance, really horrible, my tests for peri meno came back fine also, so I don't know what to do next, just been given some more blood tests to have done, some of which i have can't recall having before they are as follows.
CA, P, PTH, Vitio 3 (I think, doctor has bad writing.

Sorry for this long winded message.


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