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Re: Cant Yawn - Cant Deep Breath

I followed an advice I learned from someone on line for a similar problem with breathing and yawning. Unfortunately, I lost the reference, I so I have not been able to thank him. I pray for him, and my heart thanks him for he helped me a lot. So, here it is. If your problem is anything like mine, it could be that you are not exhaling properly and your lungs are half full of old stale air; there is no room for the fresh air. So, do not try inhaling deeply, not right away! Your lungs may not be able to handle it yet. I know mine were not.

Instead, focus on exhaling slow, long, and deeply to flush out the old, stale air out of your lungs. Gently and very slowly push the bad air out till you can't get any more out, hold it for two or three seconds then let go. Next, let your lungs inhale comfortably and slowly as much as they seem to be able to take in naturally, without forcing them. You may initially need to breath in two or three short breaths before or instead a a deep one. That's okay. At this time, remember, the focus should be on the exhaling deeply; flushing and cleaning that inner space in the lungs.

Repeat the exhaling exercises again, three or four times during the day, (three or four sets each time, resting a few seconds between each set of exhale/breathes.) You can repeat this whenever you think about it, while doing something else, like watching TV, driving, reading, whatever, after all you do have to breathe anyway!

I still need a brief periods of rest, (like ten to fifteen seconds of breathing normal without the deep exhaling between each set of exhale/inhale exercise). By now, three weeks after I started this "program", after I exhale deeply, my lungs respond by taking in long, deep, revitalizing breaths on their own--without me doing a deep breathing. Not as deep as a real deep-breathing exercise, but deep enough to feel good. They feel wonderful. Also, I notice that I breathe much better even when I am not doing the deep-exhale exercise, and sleep better. And, bonus!, I can yawn deeper and sometimes I get a full, satisfying yawn. Not all the time though:**.

After two of three days, depending on how often you can do the deep exhaling exercise, your lungs may start taking in much more air. As the lungs get stronger they should breathe in deeper and deeper. Then you can try deep inhaling exercises. There are some real good ones on you tube. Also, check for post about exhaling properly, that should be helpful.

I hope this works for you as it has done for me. Good luck.

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