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Re: Down syndrome and loose stool

Hi - have you found anything out about this yet? I just read your post and it's exactly what's happening to my daughter who is 4 1/2 and has DS. She has yet to have a solid or formed stool yet too. Her pediatrician says it's just toddlers diarreah and not to worry, but I can't believe that's all it is. It's just not right. I think I am going to have her see a gastroentorologist to see if they have any idea. School is not fun w/ this condition! I warned the teachers and aides at the beginning of the year and brought a note from the dr saying that the consistency is normal for her so they wouldn't send her home thinking she had diarreah all the time. She has started showing a little interest in the potty, but I think it might be a little early for potty training. I have a 3 year old typical child and may just try to potty train them both at the same time next weekend over memorial day. We'll see how it goes.

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