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Re: compressed vertebrae fracture

I am so sorry, they should have offered you surgery! I have the same injury from a sledding accident in late February this year. My compression fracture is out 33% so my option was to have surgery or suffer chronic back pain the rest of my life! Not an option for me so I had an intensive 4 hr surgery and recovered in the hospital for 2 weeks taking the most mind blowing drugs, dilotted. Morphine and all the muscle relaxants would not stop the sever back spasams after I arrived at the hospital a day after my injury, due to a snow storm! Anyway I am happy to report that I home recovering in a large corsette backbrace and have no pain! I have 2 titaniam rods in my back securing the area so it can heal and they didn't have to use cadaver bone! yuck! The new way is do a 2nd surgery and remove the rods so they don't cause complications. You should seek a professional consultation from an Orthepedic Surgeon, I would not trust a general DR. when we are talking about your back.