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SinusWars Products?

My problem with sinuswars is they say there product comes with instructions but they don't have those instructions linked on their web page. I returned one of their products because I couldn't comply with their instructions that had to do with diet. I did get the sinuswars 2 for post nasal drip and after a couple of weeks of trying to comply with their instructions it seems to be working. I am still not sure if this cure or just a cover up of the symptoms. sinuswars 2 comes with six weeks of pills and I have been using it for about 3 weeks. I wake in the morning without blowing my nose for two hours, which is good, but sometimes in the afternoon my nose starts up again, but I think this might be allergies not post nasal drip. I looked up some of the ingredients and they are fancy names for holistic herbs. It also says the active ingredient is sucrose (sugar) which they are really sweet.

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