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Re: Post flat foot surgery update and new stability

Oooh, I like the idea of the Wii fit. I did that before my surgery and I have forgotten all about it. That is a great idea. As of today I am Frankenstein walking pretty well! I've been walking without my crutches around the house only but today I actually went to a STORE and walked from the car, through 4 isles, and back to the car without crutches!! I was pretty pleased with myself.

My big sticking point has been a sharp knee pain. My PT spent the last 2 sessions doing deep muscle/fascia release on my calf and it is excruciating. The burn shoots up through my knee and into my hamstring -- no fun. Today was the first day without the knee pain! It came back in the evening but that's OK; at least I know that with more muscle release it will be gone someday soon.

I have a prescription for one more month of PT twice a week. It has really helped but it is very expensive even at the 30% I am paying. This surgery overall has been VERY costly. I'd do it again in a heartbeat (and I will ) but the invoices hurt when they keep pouring in.