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Lightbulb Girlfriend wants to find out what else is out there

Okay here is my situation, my girlfriend and I have been dating for almost a year and a half. We are still pretty young, and she wants to find out what else is out there. And let me get this straight, she is not a *****, we lost our virginity to each other and both hold that very important because we both didn't want to until marriage, but .. anyways no more details. Lately she hasn't been feeling the vibe as much and wants to date other guys. Me being a passive guy, said I was okay with it. So she does it.

- Side note: We don't really socialize outside of our relationship, we have friends and all but we don't really go anywhere without each other much. This is the firs ttime she went out with out me in a very very long time.

Back to the information. She went out with her friends and they meet some guys. They start talking and then she said that she met a guy. I was jaw dropped. I flipped and was about to blow a gasket. I wanted to kill someone after that. And ever since she met him they've been talking when I was sleeping and stuff and when I call she doesnt reply or pick up like she usually does. Then they start hanging out I haven't seen her in couple days. Usually we hang out every weekend. She doesn't reply quickly when shes with them. And this is killing me inside, and she said shes hurting too because she doesn't want to let me go but doesnt want me to date other girls at the same time.

I dont want any other girl and could see us getting married and I am so deep into this, a majority of her family knows. And my family knows, I enjoy the company of her family and all. And it really hurts to see that I could lose all of this. I do not know what to do. What do I do, and i keep bringing up the situation when we do talk. Example: Is he better than me? Does he make you happier than I do? What makes him better than me? Stuff like that and she gets mad. I should be the one mad. But I do not want to see the one I love with someone else. She says they are only friends. And that she doesn't want to hop right into another relationship. But idk what to do or think.

Oh and I pay for her phone. She tells me that I should just cut it off. But idk.

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