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Re: Looking for input from outsiders....

Im not going through the same medical issues you are, but i can relate to you feelings. Im taking care of my grandma. she had a stoke christmas of last year. My grandma gave me power of attorney. Every since my fam found this out they deserted us. I currenty have my grandma at home and my wife or so called is here with me. we moved in to help grandma out and she doesnt help me with anything. She leaves on the weekends and doesnt return home till late sun afternoon. Thats getting really old. We moved here as a fam and as a couple to take care of grandma. She doenst pay any bills here. i pay everything. The bad part about that is she makes good money. As you i have a deep love for her and put up with a lot. But there comes a time where what ever is going on or what may be expected. Its time to let them go. as much as it hurts or as bad as it seems... its time. My mom told me a saying the other day. You thing you have it bad just look around the world and see whats really going on. Its one thing to take care of a loved one but its another to take advantage of a so called love one. I feel like you are being taken advantage of as i am. And your completley right its nice to vent!! Im currently leaving my wife and taking care of grandma on my own and im loving it. My advise is to... Take care of yourself and your babies and let what may be. You have put yourself on hold for someone who doesnt appritiate you and its time to move on.