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update 2.5 years after OATS

Hey guys!

Thought I would give an update 2.5 years after OATS. Still very good. I don't think I'll ever be 100%, but 90% is good enough for me. I have moments of foot pain if I go a long distance (over 5 miles), or a lot of uphill and downhill. But really most of my pain comes from the osteotomy site - as if the screws cause my leg to ache sometimes. I do go for little jogs every once in a while and they are fine if I stay on flat soft ground. I basically hike, bike, walk, ski pain-free and that's awesome! My newest activity is trampoline. I used to do gymnastics which now is totally out because it's way too high impact. So I decided to get a trampoline this spring and I love it! My injury was 5 years ago and it feel awesome to jump again. It doesn't bother my ankle at all. It actually is making my knee sore if anything. My donor site knee greatly improved after a year but it still gets sore sometimes. It's a kneecap thing ....

So I saw my local OS because of a lump on the arch of my bad foot. I have some weird fibroma but hopefully it's a temporary minimal annoyance. Looking at my OATS results though she was extremely pleased with it. OATS was a hard decision but I'm really glad I did it.


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