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Re: Does anyone suffer REALLY bad chronic sinus infections? This is MISERABLE. r/o pl

Yes, I have for about 20 years. I have had 3 sinus surgery's. The first time I had a tumor in there, so that gave me immediate relief, the last two sinus surgery's not as effective. But you need 1- a good ENT surgeon, they will give you a sinus cat scan first, takes only 20 minutes, dosen't hurt or anything, and then tell you what they see. 2- for the headaches, I used to get them so bad I would crawl to my room, the most effective thing for me was tylenol, and advil also, and the old fashion sudefed. The tylenol gets rid of pain but the advil keeps inflammation down, which is what you will have. 3. Any good ENT will test you for the mold, but tell them to anyway. All they have to do is swab your nose. You really do need to do the saltwater rinses twice a day, they are worth it. I don't like that pot, you can buy the neil med kit, that has premade packets and a bottle, that squirts, and gets up higher into your sinus, than that pot thing will. ENT's will also keep you on antibiotics 6 weeks, because they say thats how long it takes to kill a sinus infection. THey have given me 6 weeks of augmentin which messes up my stomach bad, so know give me one week of a z-pack, then have me go off it a week, and then take another z-pack. If a family dr, gives you the antibiotic they only give it for 10 days, so that may be why you are having trouble getting rid of it. It is not being killed out. Call the health department about your mold in your condo, they will help you find out. Hope this or some of this helps you.