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Question Learning disorder?? Maybe more??

I'm not real sure where to start, I'm at a complete loss. My son just turned 10 and was in third grade when he should of been in the fourth he tested at the beginning if the year 1st grade 6 months in, but the didn't put him in second because he would be 2 years older than everyone. Well he just failed the third grade. The teachers noticed what I've been telling them he want learn he just memorizes everything. His reading is that of a first grader as well as his spelling. I've got tons of books and we read alot. The teachers put in alot of extra effert, he was in tutoring and still failed. Now he's gonna be in 3rd grade when he's suppose to be in the 5th. I asked them about special education but they said he had to test in of be bottom of the bucket. They said he's not the bottom and they dint think he will test in, they said ge is really smart but they just can't get through to him. I'm taking him to be tested his IQ and all but the school said it don't matter what he does on it or if it says he has a learning disability if he scores higher on their test then hrs fine and don't need help. I'm so flusterated,disappointed in myself maybe I could of done more but I don't know how I tried. Now on top of all this his behavior has got so horrible. He want listen to anything want mind constantly getting in trouble. He just does random stuff. We was in town today and he just picked up a can of what he thaught was silly string and shot himself in the face it was colored hair spray. He is constantly aggrivating his sister for no reason then starts screaming and gets mad when she has enough. He's not bad all the time he can be the most loving person in the world and mind everything u say one day, then the next a terror. I think I've typed enough to give u an idea of what's going on but I could go on and on. I don't know what to do anymore I feel like I'm loosing it punishing him don't help I'm making him do school work all summer. I don't know what's wrong with him or where to start with helping him. He is very smart when talking to him but when it's on paper he's lost. It's like u can see a flicker of a light bulb going off in his head then it goes out.
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