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Re: Traveling with a handicapped adult daughter

I cannot believe that websites advise to book handicap rooms to get more space. That enrages me !!! It is hard enough to be handicapped but then for those sites to tell able bodied people to ask for those rooms , they should be ashamed!!
I live in a small town , everyday for weeks when I picked up my son who is not handicapped people were parking in the handicap spots to be closer to the door. I raised hell after calling the school with the plate numbers , the drivers got out walked just fine and didnt have a handicap plaque around their rear view mirror or handicap license plates. The school did nothing and the whole year it continued , i never thought about these things until my sons accident. You have to have the extra space to get the door open get the wheelchair up to the door and transfer, I would like those people who park there illegaly to get a huge ticket plus spend a day in a wheelchair and see what its like to get in and out of a car , stay in a hotel room and get around their own home and job. People do it and nothing gets done about it.