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Re: Persistent Flank Pain on Right Side

I have pretty much the same thing, it can start anytime anywhere. I am careful about
my posture, and what kind of support I have for my back. I have to take pain medication and muscle relaxers and use a heating pad and sometimes take a sleeping
pill. It may be nerves which give me severe pain (muscle spasms). I don't have it
all the time. I find that lying down on my back for to long or sitting up too long also
will bring it on. Other than that I am very healthy and participate in bowling and
skiing and tennis sometimes. I have a very good Doctor and have had all the tests
but he really isn't sure. I am going to try Lyrica, 50mg twice a day. My insurance
will not cover it. If it works it will be worth it. I waste to much time trying to get
the muscle spasms to stop. I have never written in one of these forums before
so I am not sure that my explanation will be understood. I do well with heat,
have you tried using a Therabeads heating pad. Heat it in the microwave for 2
minutes and wrap it in a towel and put it on the painful area. This is all the stuff
I do to relax the muscles, etc! I also use Bengay. Anything that keeps the area