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Re: Sleep and Cerebral Palsy

Hi there, my little girl suffers the same thing. I would have to get up to her anywhere up to 17 times (that was the worst night, yes I counted, lol), but average was about 10 times a night. I found she was getting uncomfortable and suffering spasms, she also gets very stiff in the legs once she's in bed, but funny enough her hands would go loose (she suffers spasticity in all 4 limbs too). I got that way I would stay up until 2 - 3am just so I wasn't having to wake up to tend to her.

Eventually I asked my paediatrician for help and she suggested Baclofen tablets just before bed. It was like a miracle, Leacie slept well for the first time in years, she only woke 3 - 4 times a night. But sadly we found the side effects of the Baclofen weren't worth the benefits. My normally happy go lucky girl became moody, teary and reluctant to join in any therapy or games etc. So the doctor then suggested Diazepam liquid. This has worked as well as the Baclofen but without the side effects.

On a good night she'll wake once or twice, on a bad night she'll wake 5 or 6 times. A BIG difference to previous nights. She's also usually easilly fixed, I quick drink and rearrange her on the bed then I'm out of there. It must be terrible to not be able to roll over in bed that's why I don't mind tending to her those couple of times a night, but I much prefer a couple of times to up to 17 times.

I've also found that she overheats very easilly, even in winter I cannot put the doona above waist height of she'll be a ball of sweat, has bad dreams and gets very unsettled. Oh and another thing, has your grandson got a good quality mattress? They can make a lot of difference too. We have a Chiropractic type mattress with a pillow top, it's supposed to reduce pressure spots.

Good luck, I really feel for them with the sleep deprivation.