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Re: my interstitial cystitis pain

Originally Posted by JohnR41 View Post

Three months ago you HAD a mild bladder (bacterial) infection. Did your doctor give you an antibiotic regimen to follow? Did you follow it exactly? And was there a follow-up exam to show that the infection was cleared up?

I'm not familliar with amitriptyline or ditropan. Please explain what they are for.
yes, he gave me ciprio (sp?) and i had a follow up to ensure that it was gone.

the bladder infection was treated at the family doctor's. the amitriptyline was from the urologist. it is also known as elabil. it's initial use is for depression; however, they've also found that they've had success with some pain management with IC patients.

ditropan is supposed to help calm early signals to void and some pressure and discomfort. (it also makes your throat and mouth really dry. i couldn't hack that.)

the real question is, why has my control of my IC have it's last straw moment after this infection? ( I.E. why can't i control it?)

maybe it doesn't have anything to do with the bladder infection, but that's when the pain really started up.

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