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Re: Coping with MD?

Thanks, Mandy.

I really think you have the right idea with your attitude. Some things in life you can't change: these are bare facts. But once you accept them, you can work within that framework and then continue to live life.

It's like navigating a maze: Sure, it might be tricky, but it's a lot harder doing so in the dark!

I went to a mainstream primary school (years K-6), but in high school (years 7-12) I was mainstreamed in a school with a "support unit". In that unit, so many young disabled people seemed to have given up on life...and frankly, nobody had given them a reason not to.

To return to the maze metaphor, the lights were on, but they'd decided to just sit there and wait for the minataur instead.

In the support unit, I was told that university was not an option and that I should "realise my limitations". (Actually, this was said to my mother in front of me, which is worse in some ways.) My thought was, "What? I'm not expecting to be a model or astronaut!"

All of this really stayed with me, in that I saw what listening to such things does to people: you've lost before you even enter the game! I could never simply go through life waiting to die.

So, like you, I have something to prove. Not to the naysayers I haven't seen for 16 years and probably never will again, but to myself: that there is always hope and promise in life. And I genuinely believe that. Every day offers something, if your eyes are open to it.