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Urinary Tract Infection?

I am 24 and Male (In case someone needed to know). I have noticed the past few days my urine hasnt been clear, yet I have been drinking quite a bit of water (Maybe I need more now). I had a UTI once before but I didnt even notice until the doctor had told me at the time. I think im getting it again, except this time I cannot afford to see a doctor because I dont have insurance or any money, plus I live out in the middle of no where so I cant even get to a free clinic anywhere around here. Anyways, my pelvic area has started to somewhat hurt today, but I would consider it mild so far. My back has also started to have a mild pain to it but I also have a bad back so that could be a issue there (Just havent had any pain for a while until today too).

My main concern is getting a kidney infection...I was wondering if I HAVE to have the symptoms of the infection to know I actually have it? I have no nausea (Today at least), no fever (Not even a mild one) and my back pain isnt severe like it says on other websites ive read on. I just wanted to know if I can treat my UTI by drinking a lot of water and taking echinacea, I also have some cranberry juice left but I cant get more until Monday. I just mainly want to know if its gone away for someone else thats just done those things without seeing a doctor? And how long did it take? Thanks.

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