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Re: Please Help Me, My relationship is dying :(

I don't know his personality, but he might either be fishing for a response from you to assure him that you love him, or he might just be thinking he hasn't experienced enough of the world and other women. He may also be afraid that you won't be open to what he really wants to do with his life and might try to hold him back.

I would have a talk with him and get to the bottom of this. Apparently, you guys haven't talked enough. Ask him what his future plans are and if they include you, kids, etc. Hopefully he will really open up to you, because it sounds like he's not being completely honest yet. He may want more of a committment, (like moving in together) but doesn't know how to ask.

Because he's sending mixed messages, I would try to get him to open up more before you just give up the relationship.