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Question late period... but not prego?

i am now 2 months late and counting. i havent had my period since the end of March. i was on the pill for numerous years but stopped taking it about 6-8 months ago. i'm not on birth control [currently] & my boyfriend and i use the "pull out" method. up until my boyfriend & i began to have sex [which started the past 2 months] i did have a regular period. i have taken 3 pregnancy tests (within the past 2 weeks) and they have all come out negative.. i havent really felt morning sickness, but i do get queasy here and there [randomly]. heartburn has been more frequent, im always sleepy, im eating more than i use to and ive noticed that i have a pooch now.. (if im not prego, i was thinking maybe its the blood building up). if i were to be prego, id be about 8-9 weeks i think.
i also think thats its possible i took the test wrong.. instead of peeing on the stick i went in a cup and "dipped" the stick in the cup for 5 seconds... but this morning i actually read the directions and apparently if you use the cup routine you have to dip it in there for 20 seconds? im not sure how big of a difference that would make.

if i dont start by the end of this month im going to make a doc appointment, i just wanted to see if anyone else has experienced this and what there out come was.

thanks for reading!!!

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