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over medicating doctor

My wife has an addiction to hydrocodone 7.5 . she was taking 18 pills a day. perscribed by her doctor, not in that dosage. She has had a history of over medicating with this same doctor. the doctor was notified by me several times and by her best friend. she finally got to the point she was using other drugs to keep her awake at work.

this all came to an end when she was out of hydros and took to many sleeping pills to sleep.

My question is when is a doctor going to stop handing out scripts when he has been informed of the miss use of the drugs. script after script of 240 per month. which in my wifes case was 2 weeks worth. she would eat excedren by the bottle full for the accetamedifin.

How do you get the doctors to stop. we had the same problem 5 years ago with soma. 62 pills in three days. thats when he put her on hydros.

i would think the doctor would have some responsability for the problem.
yes i know my wife was the one taking the pills, but the doctor was informed of her miss use but still issued more,more,more.

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