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Just read your post. I too have had panic disorder since childhood. First, your taking the right first steps, your asking questions. For myself, I take Paxil CR and it has had a tremendous positive impact on my life. The one thing to remember is that every is different from eveyone else which means a particular drug may work well for one but something a little different may work for you. Communication is key between yourself, your family doctor and psychologist/psychiaratist. My personal view of dealing with this disorder is that it is a path. Those who are not on this path is completely unaware of the diffculties on this path. Yes, there are learned behaviours that can be unlearned and new ones taught. The most important thing is having to someone lean on as you travel this path, be it a therapist, a friend or a loved one. I had a great therapist in my case. The one thing I disagree with the other reply is that it is all in your thinking. Having it in childhood could make it difficult to remember what was going on in your life when you first experienced symptoms. For me the treatments were initially were to take a sedative, which knocked me out. Then they turned to trying to change the way I thought, videoing how I react to things then show me a better way to think through the process, biofeedback to control some of my body's functions. But the best was with Paxil. I was then truly able to use some ot the techniques I learned from the therapists and I continue to change my behaviours. My last big hurdle is overcoming my fear of flying. The main thing is stay tough and don't give up on the professional help until you start feeling better. Once the right combination is hit upon, then you'll be on your path to feeling better. Remember, this didn't happen to you overnight so feeling better might come in small increments. Then one day you'll notice that you feel really good. Good luck, stay strong.