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My story so far... (To hell and back)

I was in the car that was my then boyfriend's and noticed my whole surroundings started to look weird. I felt I was in a dream, everything looked weird.
I brushed it off and continued with life but it would not go away. I did not want to leave my house in fear of things looking weird. I was to scared to go about my usual life. I loved to party but found myself staying at home, afraid to drink etc incase it made it worse. I had no idea what was wrong.

depersonalisation disorder came up with my google search of symptoms. I had come to the point I seriously considered killing myself. There was no way I could live in this place anymore, be someone who I felt was no longer me.

I went away with all my friends for a week to a beach. I spent that whole week in bed scared and unwell.
I finally decided to go to the doctors. I explained what I had and what I thought she brushed everything off really. Said I had anxiety and gave me SSRI's.

They helped. They made me forget about everything looking weird and by things were feeling and looking better everyday.
I was sick of taking them. I really hated having to take a stupid pill everyday so I weened myself off them for a few months. I felt terrible coming off the pills but finally i'm off them. Things dont look like i'm in a movie anymore.

They do sometimes when I think about it but i'm feeling really positive.
Thats my story I just wanted to share what happened to me hoping it will help someone else

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