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Re: I got married too young. Long post but I really need help.

I got married and had children young, and I remember being about your age and feeling about how you feel. Then one day it hit me, he is working so hard for me. He is doing all of this because he loves me. My children were a gift, and they need me. And exactly what would I do if I did leave? Find somebody new? Start a new family? It hit me pretty fast that this is life, and I can sit here and feel sorry for myself, or I can throw myself into it and enjoy every minute! What your going through isn't that you dont love your husband, or your child, or your home, or any of the above. You are bored! Your right on one need to find something to do. For me, it was school. I went back and found a little purpose that centered more around me, and I LOVED it! I think it will be good for you, and mentally challenging. Play with your baby! He loves you! Clean your house, and take care of your husband. He is working so hard to provide for you. Find something to do with your little one during the day that's fun! I just enrolled my kids in swimming lessons through the red cross.....10 bucks is all it costs. There are still lots of affoardable forms of entertainment out there if money is a strain. Build a fort with pillows, go to the library, go to the zoo.....but stop sitting around. That's whats making you miserable, not your marital status. That's just life, no matter how old you are, marraige and kids gets very repetetive at times. You gotta spice it up....nobody will do it for you. Good luck!