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Re: Morton's Neuroma ... Help

Sorry but morton's neuroma does not go away on its own if you are active and into sports. You can change shoes and get all the custom insoles you want. Once that nerve is pinched and swollen, it just stays pinched and swollen.
Cortizone injections work for a very small percentage of people. If the first injection does nothing, do not get another because it will not work either.
Alcohol injections also only work for a tiny percent of people.
After 8 months of suffering I forgot what it was like to not have pain. I could barely walk my dog around the park, nevermind run in the marathons I had signed up for. I finally had the surgery 8 weeks ago. I will not lie, it is a difficult and painful recovery. Some are lucky and heal up within 3 weeks. Most can expect AT LEAST 8-10 weeks. After 8 weeks my toes have finally stopped swelling everytime I walk around. I still have a large lump on the ball of my foot but it is a little less painful everyday. It can be quite frustrating because the day to day progress is so subtle, so it seems like nothing is improving but you realize eventually that it is.
You just have to stay positive and stay patient. It's taken me 8 weeks to come to this realization. And while I am still uncomfortable and in a small amount of pain, it's nothing compared to the buring pain of the morton's neuroma.

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