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Re: chronic sinusitis

Originally Posted by cheryl2010 View Post
I have suffered from chronic sinusitis most of life (48). In the past few years it has gotten continuously worse and more frequent. I had surgery in Aug. 2009 and again in March 2010. Both resulting in fungal balls in my sinusus. Six weeks later I was suffering from another infection. I have been on Antibiotics now for almost three weeks. After the 1st 1 1/2 weeks The doctor (an ENT) extracted a large amount of infected mucus and a piece of fungal ball. I am now using a nebulizor for 1 week. With the nebulizor I am using an antiinflammatory, antibiotic, and antifungul. I feel as if I am now getting another infection, although I am not finished treating the previous one. Where do I go from here?
Obviously you're dealing with a very challenging case of fungal sinusitis. Is your ENT experienced in treating chronic sinusitis and fungal sinusitis? In most cases, your "average" ENT doesn't have the expertise or resources to treat someone dealing with a condition like yours, so you should probably be seeing a doc at a major research institution (if you're not already).

It's a bit unusual for an otherwise healthy person to have fungal sinusitis as you describe, so you may also need to see an allergist/immunologist to be tested for allergies and to make sure that your immune system is functioning correctly.