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Re: Horrible Sinus Problems

If you've been suffering for that long you really need to find an ENT who specializes in the treatment of chronic sinusitis, which probably means looking for the nearest research or teaching hospital (most "garden variety" ENTs aren't really trained to treat people with chronic sinus problems).

You also probably need to see an allergist for allergy testing (if you haven't been tested already).

In addition to what you're already doing, you should also be irrigating your sinuses with a SinusRinse bottle or neti pot (you don't mention irrigation, and if your doctor hasn't recommended it, that's a good indication that he/she don't really know how to treat chronic sinus disease - irrigation is one of the first thing most doctors recommend for helping manage chronic sinusitis).

Have you had a recent CT scan and/or endoscopic exam to identify if there are any anatomical or inflammatory issues contributing to your chronic sinus infections?