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Re: trace amount of blood in phlegm

Originally Posted by IrishSaint View Post
for about a week now ive been sick with some sort of cold and ive been coughing alot. recently the coughing has mostly gone away. at first the mucus was a yellow-green color but then eventually it turned clear. the problem now is sometimes now when i clear my throat and spit it out it is clear with a trace amount of a reddish orange substance, i presume its blood. i think its coming from my sinus area because when i actually cough up phlem from my throat/chest it is clear, and when i blow my nose it is also clear, yet sometimes when i clear my nose and then spit up a loogie or however it is spelt there is sometimes blood in it. what could this be caused by? it is kind of worrying me a little bit. i mean its not like it is alot of blood at all, like i said its just enough to be visible. there will be clear mucus with a section of blood. i just wanna know what is wrong with me. could this just be a side effect of coughing alot or having a clogged nose and now its just dried out? i also should mention that my upper throat and back of mouth area often times feel dry and sore lately. especially in the morning when i wake up. is this all connected?