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Help my parents get healthy!

Can anyone help me get my parents to live a healthier lifestyle?

All of my brothers and sisters live very heath concious lives. We eat great and exercise. The problem is, although my parents are very supportive, they do not live a healthy lifestyle like us.

My dad has hepititus and recently had to get a pacemaker for his heart. He is only 50. He isnt morbidly obese but is definitely not at a healthy weight. He drinks at least 4-5 cans of mountain dew a day and constantly snacks. We all fear that if he doesnt change his eating habits he wont be with us much longer.

My mom has recently gained some extra weight. She has always been very active and healthy but has gained about 40 lbs this past year. She now has constant back pain and has plantar fasciatis. (inflammation of the fascia on the bottom of the foot) I dont think she realizes that its because of her extra weight she has put on. She also is addicted to caffiene- has at least one or 2 cans of coke a day. She knows she needs to change her lifestyle but refuses to take the right steps to do so.

We have tried the following-
-bought and invite them to play wii fit with us
-cook dinner 3-5 times a week (they always end up eating something else instead of or with dinner)
-offered to pay for weight watchers
-invite them to come on family walks
-buy them healthy snacks to replace junk food
-try to suggest healthier restaurants when we go out
-flat out told them to start eating better
-been examples of how to eat and exerise right

nothing has worked..
any ideas??

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