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Just got a favorable decision and have tons of questions

I just had my alj hearing yesterday and the judge ruled in my favor. Now I have tons of questions. Sorry if they are stupid but break it down for me like I'm a kid.

Is the monthly payment amount similar to what it states on my last social security statement (that big thing you get every year or 2)?

They say children can receive up to half of your benefit. I have 1 child. How do they decide what percentage he would receive? Would my husband's income have any impact?

Do I need to account for the uses of my son's benefit? We really just want to save it for him but I've heard they don't allow you to do this. We can afford to support him on what income there is from DH and now I since we will be paying down alot of debt with the back.

Does the back pay get caculated to the date I became disabled or to the date that I filed?

Thanks for the help.

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