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Re: Agoraphobia - Please Help

Thank you so much for your help! It's comforting to hear others are going through similar things. I also feel like so many stores are like a maze! I've had my times when I had to drop whatever I had at the store and just LEAVE because I felt so panicked. I think at times I must look like a suspicious shoplifter because I tend to walk away from people and keep walking off when anyone approaches me!

I think I'll continue to try to avoid crazy busy stores for now and ease into things. One step at a time!

I did just stop taking Prozac. I posted on another board about possible issues with it, but it's so hard to tell if it was actually Prozac or just ME and my stress and worrying. Being panicked and anxious is extremely draining. I was just SO TIRED on Prozac that I felt like I was drunk all the time. I still feel that way and am like this on and off, and have been even before Prozac, so I think it's just related to how I feel. I might consider going back on it to see how that works. I was warned about possible long term side effects, so I will take some time to think about everything first.

Luckily I feel somewhat safe in my workplace. It's outside of the building that I start to panic. When I get back inside, I feel like I'm back in my safe zone. I am very fortunate that I feel safe in my area so it doesn't affect my job. I have had moments where I did get panicked though and had to go find a private spot to have a good cry, but this does not happen often. I just hate the surrounding area of the workplace. It's very crowded b/c it's an area that many tourists visit.

I don't drink on a daily basis, so this is a good thing! I have cut back on drinking too, just because I was trying to watch my calories a bit more. I drink a couple times a month, up to a maximum of once per week. When I'm taking Prozac, I get drunk a lot faster and have a higher chance of not remembering things, so I be really careful with this and have cut back. I also get awful hangovers at times and never really had that problem before.

Again, thanks for all of your advice! It is very helpful! The good thing is that I don't ever trap myself in one room, but I'm seeking help now to avoid that from happening in the future. Things have gotten worse, but they still are not severe, so I want to prevent that from happening I also plan to go to a new church with a group of friends very soon. I think it will be good! I hope I feel comfortable there and enjoy it!