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Re: Hysterectomy coming up soon...Should I keep my Ovaries?

Thank you all for your replys.

My grandmother died of Ovarian Cancer when she was in her late 70's and her daughter (my aunt) died of Uterine Cancer in her late 50's.

I would not mind removing my Ovaries as that would be one less cancer to think about in the future. Ovarian Cancer is such a silent killer most women when they start to have symptoms the cancer is already advanced.

My sister at 45 kept her ovaries and now is sorry she did. Another Aunt removed her ovaries in her mid 40's and refused to take any hormone pills at the time. She is now in her mid 60's and is fine.

My gyno said if I was closer to 50 it would be a no brainer and remove them.
She believes removing the ovaries now and taking hormone pills for just a couple of years might be the way to go in my case.

No surgery date set yet but will be sometime within the next 8 weeks. My dad who is currently battling Advanced Prostate and Brain Cancer along with blood clots needs radiation and I need to drive him to his appointments. I must schedule my surgery around his radiation schedule. Please keep my dad in your prayers everyone....