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Is this a venous leak? What's going on?

I'm 27. My ability to maintain an erection has been deteriorating over the past 4 months. I can only maintain it with constant stimulation, and it gets to about 70% hardness at best, mainly only when nearing orgasm. I also have a mild ache in my penis following ejaculation, especially towards the tip. I saw my primary, who suggested a battery of tests. I am an exceptionally healthy human otherwise - no STDs, no diabetes, no UTIs, and I exercise. I got a prostate exam which showed very mild swelling but produced no conclusive evidence of infection. My doctor prescribed antibiotics just in case, but they have not solved the problem.

Another weird thing: I'll have a day or two where I can't get an erection at all, and then the following day it will work at about 60%-70% again.

My primary says it will be two months before I am able to see a urologist, and he was reluctant to speculate about my condition. He also keeps implying that the problem may be psychological, which I of course know it is not since my morning wood is also not as firm as it used to be. This problem has already helped cost me my last relationship. Given everything I've read, I'm pretty worried that I have a venous leak, which seems like a seriously bad-news condition. So maybe the folks around here can tell me:

a) Are there other possibilities as to what I could have?
b) Any chance this might go away on its own?
c) Assuming I am diagnosed with a venous leak, what are my options? Technically I can have sex, but I honestly don't really feel very sexy when I do (since I began having sex before this all occurred) and I need lots of help with penetration.

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