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Re: Furniture off gassing

Originally Posted by peacefullearth View Post
I have had the same problem with a piece of furniture. We had to leave the windows to that room open night-and-day for a long time, and I just wonder what it's done (and is still doing) to our health.
Unfortunately there are more questions than answers, when it comes to Environmental/Immune System health issues.

I have learned to keep my old furniture, clothes, electronics etc. as long as possible. It seems like, prior to my extreme environmental sensitivities, some things (not all things) to which my body/Immune System had adapted, are OK and don't bother me.

I have tried outgassing things for years, without success. But, at other times, I have found that things that have a less severe reaction, over time, might not bother me at all in the future.

Everything has a different, confusing rule. It is maddening!!!

If I have a baby, will he or she be toxified by this crap? Will we all get cancer someday?
I have fought against Environmental Illness for decades, and I am closing on on age 70, and have not experienced any increases in illnesses, or cancers, during that entire time. But, at the same time, I live in a pseudo bubble where I don't allow these toxic products into my home or environment.

You will just have to be on the lookout to see if your future baby has any environmental or unexplained reactions.

Can't believe it's legal, but many dangerous chemicals are perfectly legal.
It's been this way for decades. Chemical companies are turning out newly fabricated chemicals, plastics, materials, etc., every day and retail companies are putting these new products into their retail products without any thought of health effects on the general public.

I hope that your Environmental health problems are few and easily controlled, and wish you the best of luck and health!

Take care.........
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