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Re: posterior tibial tendon repair surgery

I've had PTTD surgery done on both feet and am a firm believer that it is the best way to solve persistent problems with the PTTD. My first foot was done 7 years ago and while it is a lengthy recovery, I haven't had any problems/pain with it since then. It took me 7 years, though, to gather enough courage to go through the surgery again because it isn't an easy recovery and my foot was doing "OK". Once it started to deteriorate, though, it went downhill quickly and I scheduled the surgery as soon as I could. 12 1/2 weeks should be enough time to be off work, depending upon what you do. I'm 10 weeks out from my surgery this time and could go back to work, but am on summer break (I'm a teacher.) I'm glad, though, to have a longer break to really recoup before having to spend all day long on my feet again.

Do you have someone who could come in and help you for at least the first couple of weeks? If not, could you go and stay with family or friends? I think that it would be very difficult to manage on your own for the first couple of weeks.

There is a thread on this site that has excellent suggestions for ways to cope with the recovery period. It was very helpful to read those and get things organized before having the surgery.