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I started on 1.5 LDN several days ago, and had to drastically reduce my thyroid meds in half (over a couple days). I was super hyper until today and I'm on 60 mgs. Armour's thyroid. I think I feel normal today, but it's been a wild ride.

I have various forms of insomnia (can't sleep, can't stay asleep, etc.), and constipation (!). But, I think my fibro pain has subsided--I was in a flare when I started the LDN. This is very good news if, indeed, it is true and not a coincidence.

I'm going to touch base w/ my MD today and ask him how to taper the thyroid meds and how to increase the LDN to 3 mgs, which is the dose he wants me on.

Thanks, Goldy, for your encouragement.