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Re: fibromyogia


I would suggest very mild to mild exercise (walking, stretching, swimming), but will need to learn your limitations so you do not cause your pain to increase and last multiple days. I also take vitamin D-3 supplements because most fibro peeps has low levels of vitamin D levels.

Unfortunately, the meds I take (long list) to keep my pain tolerable without activity are (20 mg Opana ER (1 am & 1 pm); 15 mg Oxycodone for break through pain, 10 mg Baclofen (muscle relaxer), 450 mg Lyrica / day, 60 mg Cymbalta / day, & .5 mg Ativan (as needed for anxiety / stress, because the higher the stress = more pain = anxiety).

What sucks is my pain is tolerable, but I'm not able to do alot of every day tasks like shopping w my wife or vaccumming wo having to take 10-15 min breaks every 15-30 minutes, because my pain increases. When the possibility of fibro was mentioned my pain management (pm) doc made the statement that, "he doesn't like to treat fibro w narcotic pain meds because he doesn't feel they are affective against fibro pain." Savella significantly reduced my muscle & joint pain, but even at it's lowest dosage I had to quit taking it because of side effects.

I agree pain meds do not take my pain away, but it DOES help me go from wanting to lay down all day to being able to do things (be they small things, but something is better than nothing)! I've tested his theory by reducing my current pain meds and during that time period my activeness / quality of life decreased significantly.

The last time I saw my pm doc (his nurse practioner) I told him we (my wife was there) were not happy with my current pain coverage and wanted to know what else we could do. My Lyrica was increased from 2 to 3 150 mg capsules / day & said if that didn't significantly reduce my pain level then he'd speak w the doctor to see about increasing the Opana ER.

After 1 1/2-2 wks my burning pain was less intense & my muscle twitches in my arms/legs decreased giving my wife and I more/better sleep, but my joint/muscle pain overall didn't drop by that much. So, as instructed I asked my pm doc to possibly increase my Opana ER, but they called me back saying he didn't want to make any changes at this time. So, I asked them what should I do because I'm tired & frustrated because I'm tired of what I can / can't do, but all I was told was to bring it up again on my next visit w the doctor (which my earliest appointment is on 8/9).

My pcp is referring me to a rheumatologist so HOPEFULLY I'll get better relief.

I'm so sorry for venting, but I hope my early comments help you find relief!
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