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Re: fibromyogia

Years ago before I became allergic to the medicine, I took nortriptyline for my fibro and I thought it was a MIRACLE drug! I slept SO good and my muscles really felt wonderful! One day just like any other allergy that we can develop I began having these terrible hot sweats because of this medication. They tried me on another antidepressant for the fibro and that landed me in the ER. I cannot take any of the antidepressants now

I remember my insurance not wanting to pay for that medication AT that time, until my doctor explained that I needed it for a medical reason. Then they paid for it. I was so upset then because it really did work well for me. I miss not being able to take it.

Hope this helps a wee bit. I know the pain of fibro can be unbearing at time. Moderation seems to be the key. I do a little bit each day regarding my housework so it does not get ahead of me. Those "Saturday cleaning days" are gone.