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Re: Help my parents get healthy!

I hate to say it but I have to agree with rosequartz. I have known many people with severe physical conditions who would not change their eating and smoking habits. They were neighbors of mine.

The neighbor who smoked: This 65(?) year old man had a heart attack and was in intensive care for about 10 days. When he got home, I talked to him and he said he didn't smoke while in the hospital and he said he didn't mind not smoking. So I asked, "If you didn't mind not smoking, why are you smoking again?" He said, "I just like smoking." Within a month, he had a second heart attack and died.

The 50 year old neighbor with diabetes: He told me his doctor had diagnosed him with diabetes. I asked, "did the doctor tell you that you need to be on a special diet?" He said, "yes, but I have to have my hamburgers." Over a period of a year, I noticed him getting fatter and fatter and his feet were always hurting.
Finally, he told me that the doctor had warned him that he might have to have his feet cut off. I believe he valued his hamburgers more than his feet.

The 50 year old neighbor who suffered a stroke: He was obese and suffered a stroke. It was so bad, he had to stay in a nursing home for several months. Finally, when he came home, I asked him if he would be on a special diet as per doctors orders. He said, "heck NO!" Within a few months, he had a second stroke and went back to the nursing home. His wife later told me that she doubted he would ever come home again.

Why do people throw their lives away for tasty food? It must be a very strong addiction or else they don't value their lives very much. Or maybe both.

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