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Re: Still breastfeeding! Help

Which formulas have you tried? I found with my 3 that there are certain brands they absolutely refused to touch, no matter how hungry they might've been! Enfamil was the WORST!

Surprisingly, it's the Walmart brand, Parent's Choice formula they all liked the best (a huge blessing, since it's about half the cost of regular brands!), with the Target brand formula coming in second, but that one was always iffy!

The next question is what bottles have you tried? My first didn't care, she'd drink out of anything. My second had a hard time with some bottles, but loved the Playtex nursers. My third liked Playtex nursers at first, but it didn't take her long to take whatever bottles I had available. Also, make sure the flow is right for your baby (fast, medium or slow).

Last, when do you try to feed your baby? If you wait until your baby is starving and screaming for food, baby is already well past the, "lets try something new," phase and not only wants food, but wants the comfort of breastfeeding as well. Pay attention to baby's schedule and try offering a bottle 5-10 minutes earlier than you would normally start to breastfeed.

One more last thing.... the previous poster is sooo right! There is no reason why your baby should be sucking the life out of you! At 9 months old, baby should be getting ready for table foods! Definitely start baby on cereal and jar foods!

Hope this helps!