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Re: Still breastfeeding! Help

I nursed my son til he was exactly 2 years of age.

What may work is set the baby in a bouncy seat and feed them the formula. Dont' let the baby lay up to your chest because they will smell your milk...yes...through your clothes.

My son wouldn't do pacifiers...nothin, but me. But when his dad would hold him i would express milk and let him feed him by bottle, the baby would never take a bottle from me, because he could smell my smell and he would go nutz.

So i would try keeping the baby away from your chest and body during feeding time. Don't give him any other options. Once the baby gets hungry enough it will take that bottle. It sounds mean, but a child will never starve themselves..even as a baby they know to eat and they will not go hungry. They are just going to do whatever it takes to break you down so they get their way.

lol good luck. stick with it mama. very soon that baby will give into your wishes