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Re: Still breastfeeding! Help

Thanks! I want to stop breastfeeding all together, She was put on rice cereal at 7 months, She likes it and sweet potatoes! She is a very picky eater! I NEVER went through this with my first! at 4 months she was eating cereal and then fruits and veggies at 6 months. Not sure why my kids doc waited on the solids with this one. She will REFUSE food! I even video taped how she is with food. Not sure if it the teething giving her issues. She has 4 teeth and more coming in. I have tried every bottle, Breastflow was the last one I bought. I have not tried another formula, We have tried similac and carnation, she hated carnation! She has gained weight just had a blood test done. I tell the doc how difficult she is and she said to keep trying different foods and that she is healthy. I really appreciate all the advice. I feel as though I am doing something wrong .
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