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Problems after Gastic Bypass Roux-En-Y?

Just wondering if there is anyone out there that has had any problems after their Gastric Bypass?

Mine was over 10 years ago. (right after singer/actress Carnie Wilson paved the way) I have since lost ~ 200 pounds. I go up and down about 25 pounds. However; I have had SERIOUS other medical issues since having my surgery. (I wish we could have had these mssg boards 10+ years ago...there was NO outlet to hear any negatives).

I currently have extremely vitamin defficiencies that they DID warn me about..however, no-one warned me about the reflux, the GI problems (I had already had my gall bladder removed 12 years prior to bypass surgery). I also have such low calcium and such a bad problem with reflux and vomiting, I have had to have 5 teeth pulled, 6 root canals (all b/c of the acidity eating away at the enamel in my mouth). My THEN smaller stomach, esophogus and rest of the digestive tract stay inflamed and aggravated. I've also had SERIOUS back problems (but don't know if this is tied in - I had a disk totally disintegrate and have been diagnosed with DISK DEGENERATIVE DISEASE - reason for my post), just wondering if anyone else has had any issues/problems/etc.?

I can now eat more than I did the first year post surgery, however, I still can NOT eat a lot or a variety of my favorite foods (any raw veggies and lots of fruits, any kind of chicken, steak, rice, al dente pasta, some breads, lactose, the list goes on and on and on

Just a word of warning, if I had it to do over again.....I would definitely go the lap band route. I had a friend go the roux-en-y route only 18 months ago. Something went terribly wrong, and her system never accepted the manipulation. She passed away after several months in the hospital, a reversal and a medicated pain enduced coma. I'll miss her....

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