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Acid reflux and anxiety? Sinus and throat issues.

It seems as though my acid reflux issues have coincided with me having a ton of anxiety. When I was taking PPIs things only seemed to worsen but my anxiety was at an all-time high then. Now, I've only really noticed bad acid reflux symptoms when I'm totally stressing out. However, I've been having lots of trouble with my sinuses, ears, and throat. My throat stays irritated looking and sometimes feels a bit swollen on one side. My ears have been aching slightly for over 2 months now. Also feel some sinus pressure. When I went to the doctor, about 6 weeks ago, he also said I had a ton of fluid behind my ears. He thought all these issues were due to a sinus infection.Well, I took antibiotics for 2 weeks and it still didn't clear up. I'm not wanting to go back to the doctor because I'm afraid he'll just think I'm crazy and say anxiety is causing all my troubles which I am still having a difficult time with. I was just wondering if just maybe acid reflux could be causing the sinus/ear/throat issues or is that even possible? I had an upper endoscopy at the end of April and it showed irritation to my esophagus. No mention of anything with my throat but it was bothering me at the time. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

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